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Are You Ready For Love?

Past Lives Future Paths

Attract Love Into Your Life.

Psychic Medium Amanda and Astrologer Patrick share their intuitive insights to prepare you for the love of your life.

This fun, engaging day of illuminating exercises includes:

  • Your Personalised Love Stars Chart
  • Love Mythbusters
  • Awakening your Intuition for Love
  • Visioning your Partner
  • Creating the Space for your New Love
  • Your love karma

Raise your vibration and learn the love link through your inner wisdom. Create the life you truly desire.

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Past Lives and Future Paths

Who were you in your past life?
What is your karma from that life?
What is your karmic goal in this life?
What skills and lessons did you ask for in this life?

The PAST LIVES AND FUTURE PATHS WORKSHOP explains your karmic path from your past life into this life. It shows what gifts and debts you bring into this life, and the lessons you agreed to learn to progress and grow as a soul. It can help you understand your life purpose and how to move out of repeating, restricting behaviour patterns. We are here in this earthly life to learn lessons, to be better people, to ultimately graduate from a physical incarnation to a purely spiritual life where we in turn guide others.

During the workshop Patrick will create your own beautifully presented karmic astrology chart and a personalised karmic reading. After revealing your past life identity and location, Amanda will support you with the next steps, with tools and strategies that you need to succeed at your karmic destiny.

Patrick is an astrologer with 35 years’ experience, specialising in karmic astrology, horary and children’s astrology.  Amanda is a dynamic, highly skilled spiritual medium specialising in teaching psychic and mediumship studies, a hypnotherapist specialising in past life regressions, and a wonderful energy healer.

Four hour workshop with all materials: $120

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"Just a note of sincere thanks for your willingness to run your inspired workshop thus allowing yourselves to to be available for the benefit of others. I admire both your courage and open heartedness, all in all it was a great success, I am sure. Patrick the flow of the workshop was brilliant" (Julie P.)
"May you keep working in this area and share it with many, for it is worth a great deal more than the $ aspect" (Anita M.)

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